Handmade and Locally Owned Cotton Grocery Bags Designed with Your Style in Mind
The Bags Are:

»Machine Wash and Tumble Dry
»100% Cotton
»Loops to fit Grocery  Stands°
»Plastic Free
»Holds up to 45 LBS

* not available in wine bags
° not available in our smaller  bags

Our Bags


Since it's inception in 2011, all our bags have been crafted with the same standards: 100% cotton, machine wash and tumble dry, hold up to 45 lbs, and last for years. But don't let that 2011 date fool you; some of our own personal bags have been around for eleven years! The bags began as a project to utilize scraps of curtain fabric, and the idea for cotton bags was one of the first in mind.  As more studies about the health risks of massively produced "reusable" bags sold by larger companies came out, we relied more on our washable bags for everything from overnights, clothes shopping, purses, and grocery shopping.


The bags are 100% cotton, machine wash and tumble dry, meaning they are safe to use for whatever the need may be. When using our bags, you don't need to worry about the mess the meat might make, fitting two gallons of milk, or even the bag breaking on you, because our bags are guaranteed to handle it all.  If you do encounter any problems, all bags are warranted for up to two years, and we will be happy to replace it with whatever style is available at a comparable price. Made all by one local Cincinnati woman, each bag is handmade and inspected for quality before it gets to our customers.

And don't worry about the branding. Our name is only on the handle, so you are free to show your style, not where you shop!


Our bags come in three distinct styles:
  • The Original: These bags are what got us to where we are today. They are reversible and have no pockets or dividers; they are simply made to carry anything from books to groceries to clothes. These bags feature a sturdy bottom, and loops that slide onto grocery bag stands, making it easy to stand them up as you are checking out. All of the bags shown on the website, aside from the wine bags, are the original.
  • The Small Bag: These bags were created with the idea to make truly reusable Trick-or- Treat bags for children that are a little more custom and a lot sturdier than some alternatives, and reusable all year round. They have developed from Trick-or-Treat bags to simply smaller bags, as adults have bought these for themselves. They are smaller, and do not feature the grocery bag stand loops or sturdy bottom like the original does. We do not feature the small bags on the site, but they are always with us when we are at Findlay Market!
  • The Wine Bag: These bags are the newest of our options, but are certainly gaining popularity! They are the same size as the original, but have six looped pockets on the inside made to hold wine bottles. Because they are made from cotton fabric, you are able to use only one or two and still utilize the rest of the bag if you are picking up more than just wine or olive oil at the store. These bags, like the originals, have the grocery bag stand loops and the sturdy bottom, making them versatile for almost all the shopping you may need to get done. Click on the sub-page "Wine Bags" for pictures of our most popular wine bags.

To browse and purchase our bags, please look at our sub-pages available from the tab on the top left, or click on the links to the corresponding pages below.

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